Myth 8: “It can’t help me with my health problems, because…”

Many people complete this statement with “I’m too old”, “of my genetics”, “I’ve been told I have to live with it”, or “the specialist said nothing can be done”. Only a chiropractor can tell you how chiropractic can help you improve your health. Remember that the nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ in the human body, and vertebral subluxation interferes with normal nerve function. An alteration in nerve function leads to an alteration in tissue function. As such, a major key to optimum health is maintaining normal nerve function. No other profession is qualified to make decisions on chiropractic care. You wouldn’t ask your plumber how to fix your car. If you want to understand chiropractic, talk with a doctor of chiropractic. Contact a member of the NZCA near you to see how chiropractic can help you live life to the fullest!