Dr. Antonia Daroux-Snelling

B.Sc Sport and Exercise, B.Chiro, M.N.Z.C.A.

ACC registered

A childhood immersed in competitive gymnastics sparked Antonia’s keen interest in the ability of the human body to perform and recover. She pursued this with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Auckland. Whilst passionately working as a personal trainer and CrossFit Coach in Auckland she continued her education with a Bachelor of Chiropractic at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

In practice she has greatly enjoyed continuing to learn about the limits and abilities of the human body to heal, recover and perform against all odds. With her wealth of high performance sport experience, Antonia has great passion for helping athletes to perform at their best. She also loves helping mum’s to be comfortable during and after pregnancy, and looking after babies and children as their bodies face the challenges that are part of growing into adulthood.

Outside of practice you would find Antonia sweating it out at CrossFit, exploring the outdoors with Lord of the Rings in the backpack or pottering away happily in the kitchen (still hasn’t made it onto Masterchef yet though!).