Himi Horikoshi (Shiatsu massage/acupuncturist)


I have trained in shiatsu massage and acupuncture for three years in Japan. These techniques are part of the traditional Chinese medicine view of the body, where health is maintained by relaxing the muscles and balancing energy, stimulating or relaxing the function of the organs. Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure”, although I tend to use my whole hand. I do not distinguish between shiatsu and acupuncture, using the needles whenever I feel there is a particular need. I do, however, understand that not everyone is comfortable with acupuncture, and will only use it when I have your trust and confidence. I use a very fine needle, medically sterilised and disposable. There is no pain or risk of infection.

My massage is done fully clothed. I do recommend you wear loose, comfortable clothing to my sessions. I aim for my treatments to provide long term relief. Many of my clients say that they get up from the massage table feeling not much different, but they feel fantastic the next day. Massage is like exercise, so I recommend you have a drink of water afterwards, and if you can, to not eat immediately before or after.

Himi potrait